Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap May 26th, 2010

Belle International (1880 HK) said same store sales of shoes and footwear products went up over 10 per cent in the first five months this year. Same store sales went up 18 per cent in the first quarter this year. (SingTao Daily B4)

Buildmore International (108 HK) lost around HK$527 million for the year ended 31st January, 2010. Loss per share was HK$4.7. No dividend was declared. (SingTao Daily B2)

Target price of BYD Company Limited (1211 HK) was lowered almost 50 per cent to HK$44 by Credit Suisse though its shares was bought by Warren Buffett. Target prices of most of the automobile shares were also de-rated with at least 35 per cent lower. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

From 21 June this year, board lot size of Comba Telecom Systems (2342 HK) for trading on the Stock Exchange will be changed from 2,000 shares to 500 shares. (SingTao Daily B2)

As AGM was rescheduled to 17 June 2010, China Haisheng Juice (359 HK) announced yesterday that register of members would be closed from 27 May 2010 to 17 June 2010. The company has proposed a final dividend of 0.02 yuan per share for the year 2009.
(SingTao Daily B4)

China Solar Energy (155 HK) will subscribe for a total of 2.18 billion shares, representing approximately 30.46 per cent of the issued share capital of the company, at a price of HK$0.1376 per share to raise around HK$300 million. (SingTao Daily B2)

FU JI Food and Catering Services (1175 HK) has announced its reorganization proposal. Under the proposal, mainland investor will offer consideration of HK$658 million for the rescue. The company hopes to resume trading of shares after the completion of reorganization. (SingTao Daily B4)

GOME Electrical Appliances (493 HK) chairman Chen Xiao increased holding of shares in the company by a total of 5 million shares on 20 May and 24 May at an average price of around HK$2.079 for over HK$10 million. (SingTao Daily B2)

i-CABLE Communications Limited (1097 HK) having obtained the broadcast right of the World cup has recorded its highest sale over past four years recently. The company expects to increase 1,000 new users daily before the World Cup broadcast. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P10)

Longfor Property (960 HK) said its contract sales in May might fall 40 per cent month on month to 1.5 billion yuan. CEO said the curbing policy has seen effect in the housing market and he expected the current situation to continue for two or three months. The company will not adjust its 24.8 billion yuan sales target for whole year, he said. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Media Chinese International (685 HK) recorded net profit of US$10.78 million in the first quarter. The company plans to pay a second interim dividend of 0.771 US cents per share. (SingTao Daily B2)

(0716) SINGAMAS CONTAINER HOLDINGS LIMITED UP 40% FOR CONTAINER QUOTATION The shipping industry and international trading condition for the first quarter keep recovering and there is a temporary lack of containers. According to the quotation for ordinary dried food containers submitted in August, the price was raised 40 per cent to $2,700 each compared with that in the end of last year. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

TCC International Holdings Limited (1136 HK) will use around $250 million to extend production capability to 44 million tons by end of June next year. Its current production capability is around 17.5 million tons and its dividend ratio maintains around 20-40 per cent. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P10)

TVB (511 HK) said it plans to establish a new production plant in its newly bought land in Tseung Kwan O. The land has a total area of 140,000 sqm, according to the CEO. He said the whole project will cost millions and the final established area will be as much as 3 times of the current land's area. In addition, CEO said the company has no plan to change stake in Pay Vision Limited. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Packing paper manufacturer Youyuan International Holdings Limited (2268 HK) rose to as high as HK$2.66 in grey market yesterday, up over 3 per cent than its initial offering price. It climbed almost 2 per cent to close at HK$2.63 and transaction volume was around HK$1.05 million. (Hong Kong Economic Times A10)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard