Monday, August 2, 2010

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap July 30th, 2010

Shenzhen Airlines under Air China (753 HK) signs agreement with Airbus Company to buy 10 Airbus 320-series aircraft for a basic price of around HK$6.324 billion. Significant price concessions, however, will be given to Shenzhen Airlines. (SingTao Daily B18)

Artini China (789 HK) recorded loss of HK$100 million for the year ended 31 March. Loss per share was HK$0.098. Turnover dropped 35.1 per cent to HK$366 million. No dividend was declared. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P4)

China Kangda Food Company (834 HK) expects unaudited net profit for the six months ended 30 June 2010 to be lower as cost of raw materials for processed food rose and supply of chicken meat products to the PRC was in excess. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P4)

CVM Minerals (705 HK) buys certain interests that hold certain mining concessions in respect of coal, manganese and iron ore in Aceh, Indonesia for a consideration of HK$120 million. HK$24 million of which will be paid in cash and the rest will be paid by issuing over 14 per cent new shares as enlarged. (SingTao Daily B18)

Hang Lung Properties (101 HK) granted an option to Philip Nan Lok Chen on 29 July to subscribe for 10 million shares. Exercise price is HK$33.05 per share. Validity period is ten years. (SingTao Daily B18)

Ko Yo Ecological Agrotech (827 HK) expects a loss in 1H on decrease in operating gross profit as market prices of urea and other chemical products went down because of global financial crisis and the drought in south western part of China. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P4)

Trading in the shares of PetroAsian Energy (850 HK) has been suspended since yesterday due to delay in announcing results for the year ended 31 March. The company says certain audit issues were raised by its joint auditors including the valuation treatment on certain assets during the course of finalizing the audit on the financial statements. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Beijing North Star (588 HK) issued profit warning yesterday. Based on preliminary calculation, the company expects to have a decrease by more than 55 per cent in profit (excluding gains from change in fair value of investment properties) for the six months ended 30 June 2010 (SingTao Daily B13)

Chinavision Media (1060 HK) announced that it has signed a non-legally binding letter of intent to acquire 50 per cent equity interest in a company that is principally engaged in internet-related businesses at a consideration of around US$100 million which will be subject to adjustment depending on the terms and conditions and the results of due diligence. (SingTao Daily B13)

Chun Wo Development (711 HK) has confirmed to make the bonus warrant issue on the basis of three warrants for every sixteen existing shares. The exercise price of the warrant is HK$0.50 per share, representing a discount of 10.71 per cent to its close on last trading day. (SingTao Daily B13)

Dragon Hill (305 HK) has submitted the tenders to Liuzhou Bureau of Land Resources for the purpose of acquiring the land located in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region at a consideration of 140 million yuan. (SingTao Daily B13)

Guangzhou R&F Properties (2777 HK) contracted sales in July hit 3.092 billion yuan, surging 89 per cent month-on-month. Its sales income amounted to 15.284 billion yuan in the first seven months, accounting for 51 per cent of its full-year target. The company does not intend to amend its full-year target, but it maintains the plan to spin off and sell Guangzhou Asian Games City in the third quarter. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P8)

Hunan Nonferrous Metals (2626 HK) announced that China Minmetals has completed the transaction of acquiring 51 per cent stake in the company for 5.595 billion yuan. As China Minmetals has indirectly held 53.08 per cent equity interest in its parent Hunan Nonferrous Metals currently, it will make a general offer to H-share shareholders of Hunan Nonferrous Metals at a price of HK$1.73 per H share, 30.8 per cent off to its closing price at HK$2.5 last Friday. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Renhe (1387 HK) has secured approvals from the National Civil Air Defense Office to develop and operate underground commercial centres in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province and Anyang City, Henan Province. Jiangsu Wuxi Taihu Plaza Project is located underneath Taihu Plaza in the Nanchang District and the approved total gross floor area of the project is about 250,000 square metres. Henan Anyang Project is located underneath Hongqi Road, Jiefang Road, Tangzi Lane and Wenfeng Street North and the approved total gross floor area of the project is around 86,000 square metres. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Richfield Group (8136 HK) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary has signed provisional sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of 83 per cent equity interest in the property located at nos. 142 to 152 of Carpenter Road Kowloon city. The aggregate cash consideration is around HK$208 million. (SingTao Daily B13)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard