Friday, April 1, 2011

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap March 31st, 2011

Beijing Enterprises Holdings (392 HK) booked profit attributable to shareholders of about HK$2.639 billion, up 10% over last year. Basic earnings per share amounted to HK$2.32. A final dividend of HK45 cents per share was proposed. (SingTao B3)

China CITIC Bank (998 HK) announces that Kong Dan has resigned as the chairman of the board and a non-executive director of the bank and the bank has approved the nomination of Tian Guoli as a non-executive director. (SingTao B6)

China Mengniu Dairy Company (2319 HK) announced that the company’s net profit for 2010 increased by 10.9 percent year-on-year to RMB1, 237 million, with earnings per share of RMB0.712. The company proposed a final dividend of RMB0.16 per share. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P3)

China Merchants Bank (3968 HK) announced that the bank’s net profit for 2010 increased by 41.23 percent to RMB25.769 billion, consistent with expectations, with a dividend of RMB0.29 per share and a dividend payout ratio of 23 percent. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P10)

China Properties Group (1838 HK) announced its net profit for 2010 decreased by 53.4 percent year-on-year to HK$4.48 billion. The earnings per share was HK$2.48. No final dividend was proposed. (Hong Kong Economic Times A15)

China Vision Media Group (1060 HK) plans to increase the proportion of mobile new media business up to 20 percent this year, compared with 2.6 percent last year. The company will further extend its business into the networks of China Unicom and China Telecom this year. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P10)

Hopson Development (754 HK) posted profit attributable to shareholders of HK$5,889 million. Basic earnings per share were HK$3.43 per share. A final dividend per share of HK17.15 cents per share was proposed. (SingTao B7)

Huaneng Power International (902 HK) notes that the unit fuel cost for 2011 is expected to go up about 8 percent. The power generated by the company saw a double-digit increase in the first quarter this year. The nuclear leakages in Japan will not impair the nuclear power plans set by the company. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P6)

Lingbao Gold Company (3330 HK) has resolved to propose to issue A shares in the PRC but has not applied to any relevant governing authorities for the approval of the A share issue. (SingTao B6)

Metallurgical Corporation of China (1618 HK) registered profit attributable to equity holders of RMB5,321 million, a year-on-year increase of 20.25%. It recommended the payment of a final dividend of RMB0.047 per ordinary share. (SingTao B6)

Sands China Ltd (1928 HK), a subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands Co., is under investigation by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in relation to the alleged breaches of the provisions of the Securities and Futures Ordinance and has been requested to produce certain documents. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P3)

United Company RUSAL (486 HK) reported net profit of US$2,867 million for 2010 compared to net profit of US$821 million for 2009. Net Debt reduced to US$11,472 million. No dividends were declared and paid. (SingTao B3)

Zijin Mining Group (2899 HK) announced its net profit for year 2010 increased by 35.5 percent to RMB4.81 billion. The progress was mainly due to the increase of gross profit margin lead by the rise in gold prices. (Hong Kong Economic Times A12)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard