Monday, June 27, 2011

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap June 24th, 2011

China Zhengtong Auto Services (1728 HK) has bought the entire equity interest in Acme Joy Group Limited at a consideration of RMB327.4 million (Sing Tao Daily B12)

Fantasia (1777 HK) has purchased 48 percent of equity interest of Shenzhen Fantasia Investment at a consideration of HK$400 million. (Hong Kong Economic Times A10)

Haier Electronics (1169 HK) agreed to buy the entire equity interest of Qingdao NG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company at a consideration of RMB240 million. Qingdao NG includes the provision of the after-sale services and value-added consumer services for home appliances. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P8)

Mongolia Investment (402 HK) announced that for the year ended 31 March 2011, the company recorded a loss of HK370 million, with a loss of HK6.67 cents per share. No dividend is declared. (Sing Tao Daily B12)

Vantage International (15 HK) announced that for the year ended 31 March 2011, the company’s net profit has saw an increase of 48 percent to HK$284 million, with HK19 cents for basic earnings per share. No dividend was declared. (Sing Tao Daily B12)

China Corn Oil (1006 HK) expects a significant increase in profit for the six months ending 30 June, mainly due to the increases in both the selling prices of its oil products and the sales amounts of its branded corn oil products consummated by the additional refinement capacity of the new refinement plant which commenced production in Q4 last year. (Sing Tao Daily B3)

The parent of Guangdong Investment (270 HK) issues US$250 million 3% guaranteed exchangeable bonds due 2016. The bonds are exchangeable into Guangdong Investment shares at an initial exchange price of HK$5.551 apiece. (Sing Tao Daily B3)

ICBC (1398 HK) has received approvals from the China Banking Regulatory Commission and PBOC, pursuant to which approvals were granted to the bank to issue subordinated bonds in an amount of not exceeding RMB38 billion. (Hong Kong Economic Journal 21)

Lippo China Resources (156 HK) announces that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Topstar China has successfully won a bid for the land use rights to a piece of land in Taizhou City (泰州市), Jiangsu Province. (Hong Kong Economic Journal 21)

Xtep International (1368 HK) announces that due to the recent and ongoing volatility in the global financial markets and the absence of any immediate need to raise funds for working capital, it has decided to postpone a TDR issue until market conditions improve. (Sing Tao Daily B3)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard