Monday, August 29, 2011

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap Aug. 26th, 2011

Citic Dameng Holdings Ltd. (1091 HK) announced that its first half-year net profit amounted to approximtately HK$380 million, up 6.5x year-on-year. No interim dividend was announced.
(SingTao Daily B15)

Hang Lung Properties (101 HK) launched a grand opening for its Jinan Mall yesterday. Chairman Ronnie Chan told reporters that the Group’s rental income from China will exceed that from Hong Kong this year after the opening of its Jinan and Shenyang malls. This developer plans to invest as much as RMB50 billion building shopping malls in other parts of China. (Hong Kong Economic Journal P4)

For the six months ended June 30, 2011, Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company (697 HK) recorded a net profit of HK$214 million, dropping 50.71 percent year-on-year. No interim dividend was announced. (SingTao Daily B15)

Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company (338 HK) reported a first-half net profit of RMB1,426 million in 2011, down 5.81 percent year-on-year. The company did not declare the payment of interim dividend. (SingTao Daily B15)

The Bank of East Asia (23 HK) has completed the sale of 10 percent of equity interest in ICBC Canada to ICBC at a consideration of HK$124 million. The bank’s interest in ICBC is reduced from 30 percent to 20 percent, which will remain as a long-term investment for the bank. (Hong Kong Economic Times A10)

China Flooring Holding (2083 HK) registered a profit attributable to owners for the 6 months ended 30 June 2011 of around RMB95,240,000, a yoy surge of 46.5%. EPS was RMB0.08. (SingTao Daily B13)

CITIC Resources (1205 HK) saw its profit attributable to shareholders soar 134.8% to HK$393.4 million in 1H. The company has resolved not to pay an interim dividend. (SingTao Daily B13)

Datang International Power Generation (991 HK) saw its 1H operating revenue gain around 15.12% over the first half of 2010 to approximately RMB33,322 million, with net profit attributable to equity holders amounting to roughly RMB932 million, up about 2.17%. (Hong Kong Economic Journal 4)

Greentown China’s (3900 HK) interim profit attributable to owners amounted to RMB891.8 million, skyrocketing by169% yoy. Its board has resolved to declare an interim dividend of RMB0.10 an ordinary share in issue. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Hunan Nonferrous Metals Corporation (2626 HK) booked a profit attributable to owners of RMB171 million for the 6 months ended 30 June 2010. Turnover advanced 24.01% yoy to RMB11,987 million. (Hong Kong Economic Times A11)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard