Monday, September 19, 2011

Hong Kong Stock Market Wrap Sept. 16th, 2011

China Shenhua Energy Company (1088 HK) booked commercial coal production of 23.7m tonnes in August, up 20.3% yoy. Coal sales rose 21.9% yoy to 30.6m tonnes. (Hong Kong Economic Times A14)

Shenzhen Investment (604 HK) has gained two four-year syndicate loans of US$209,000,000 and HK$1,026,000,000 respectively. (Hong Kong Economic Times A14)

Sino-Ocean Land Holdings (3377 HK) announces that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Wanyang, China Life Investment, China Life Asset Management and Beijing Vantone has entered into JV articles of association in respect of an establishment of a JV for the development of a project at Central Business District, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (Hong Kong Economic Journal B1)

Solartech International Holdings (1166 HK) expects its results for the year ended 30 June 2011 will return to the black, mainly attributable to a considerable fair value gain of the derivative component of the convertible bond. (SingTao Daily B12)

Sunac China Holdings’ (1918 HK) 49%-owned associated company Poly Sunac successfully acquired the land use right of a land situated at the intersection of Jiefangnan Road and Xiangjiang Road in He’xi district of Tianjin at a consideration of RMB2,990 million. (Hong Kong Economic Times A14)

Apollo Solar Energy (566 HK) had made a contract with Hanergy. If both companies agree with the contract, Hangergy could hold up to 60% of Apollo Solar Energy shares, costing 46.41billion dollars. (Hong Kong Economic Journal A4)
CRS (1766 HK) A SHARE ISSUE WILL DECREASE THE RAISE DOWN TO RMB 9 BILLIONS The A share issue will now decrease from 11 billion RMB to 9 billion RMB. The new issue will also drop 25% of each share, costing the price down to $4.46 for each share. (Hong Kong Economic Journal A13)
Fosun (656 HK) said they are comfortable with the development of Follif Follie in mainland. And they will also increase their shares of Follif Follie, but they would not hold more than 15% of the shares yet. (Hong Kong Economic Journal A13)

The director of Glencore (805 HK), Ivan Glasenbreg will use USD54 million (about 420million HK dollars) to increase his share up to15.7%. (Hong Kong Economic Journal A13)

Each 200 shares of Sany Group (6031 HK) will cost $3915 dollars. Sany might provide 1.54 billion H share issues, raising up to 29.845 billion dollars. (Hong Kong Economic Journal A13)

Sources: Sing Tao Finance, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, The Standard